Which One is a Better Employee Reward: Cash or a Digital Gift Card?

The digital gift card is a term that became very popular among businesses and companies as an employee gift instead of physical gifts or cash. So no wonder if we see that the global gift card market was valued at $619.25 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $1,922.87 billion by 2027.
And since ages, there has been a debate going on about digital gift cards and cash and which one is the best gift to reward your clients, employees or partners with. Which one increases motivation and a good working environment, and which one is financially good for the company. If you are feeling confused about the choice between giving cash or giving Digital Gift Cards to your employees, In this article, we will give you everything you need to know about digital gift cards, and help you choose the best corporate gifts for your clients.

What’s a Digital Gift Card?

A gift card is simply a prepaid discount or a rechargeable balance, containing a specific
amount of money that recipients use to make a variety of purchases, at the businesses or stores compatible with the cards.
Gift cards first appeared in 1994, they were used as a practical alternative to cash in purchases within a specific store or related business, according to Mageplaza, a marketplace from the open-source ecommerce platform Magento. Since then, the digital gift card industry has grown exponentially and is in high demand.
Not only Gift cards are used for personal uses, they are also used in businesses as they are awarded by companies or employers as rewards to their customers and employees. They can also be given by retailers and marketers as part of a business promotion strategy, such as the loyalty program, to motivate the client to visit and return to the store.

What are the features of digital gift cards?

  • Digital gift cards are so convenient and useful when it comes to gifting. When you need to send different customized gifts to several employees or clients in the company but you know the process is gonna take forever. Digital gift cards will save you the trouble of choosing a proper gift.
  • Cash is a generic gift, it shows the recipient that you didn’t have time to think about a proper gift to them. It is good but it won’t be appreciated much. A digital gift card on the other hand is thoughtful despite being a little generic. With a digital gift card you can never choose the wrong gift, instead you will give that choice to the recipient who will be satisfied and show appreciation.
  • Busy shoppers and HR managers definitely know the advantages of digital gift cards. E-gift cards can be used for promotion purposes. To drive more customers in and to keep the existing ones loyal. It can be used also to create a good working environment when gifted to employees.
  • An easy way to show appreciation and gratitude to the people who have contributed to the company’s success, or thank them for their hard work. It allows them to buy what they want easily.
  • Easy to use, flexible and convenient. The balance also can be traced so that the card cannot be lost, in this way, some E-gift cards are way more secure than cash.
  • When you award your business partners, it may be difficult to express your identity. With Resal Glee, you can award your recipient with digital cards and customize the logo, message, colors, and the balance all to express your feelings and identity.
  • People love to shop online, it’s the new trend now. That’s why digital gift cards are the best gifts. Offering them use flexibility, allowing them to use the balance freely, and giving them a better online purchase experience with no strings attached.
  • Glee also provides the sender with SMS notifications on each transaction, which enables it to track the recipient’s spending journey. And also give you the possibility to recover the unspent amounts.
  • Digital gift cards provide access to a huge collection of products from their stores. That gives the recipient the freedom to choose the gift he wants. For example, if you give your customers a Noon digital gift card from the Resal Glee, they can use the card the way they want, clothes Or electronic devices, cosmetics, toys, you name it. So next time if you have a list of employees you want to award, just choose the gift card.
  • Digital Gift Cards offer the opportunity to enjoy special offers and discounts when used as a payment method for some stores.
  • Cash is forgettable, you don’t know where it was spent. Maybe it’s bills, groceries, or anything else usual. Digital cards on the other hand can be used to treat oneself, to buy anything the recipient desires and to benefit from special offers. That’s why it brings positive emotions and it’s hard to be forgotten.

Other technical features:

  • Easy of Access: Gift cards are prepaid cards that can be simply sent to the recipient at any time through SMS, email and links.
  • Budget Saving: Digital gift cards have proven to be beneficial in terms of saving gifting budgets. Also with Resal Glee, business owners can save and track spending and get the unspent balance back to the wallet.
  • Save effort and time: Choosing E-gift cards instead of physical gifts is also convenient as it can be done online, and it saves time and effort for business owners.
  • Boost Brand Awareness: Digital Cards help increase brand awareness when your gift card is customized to match your identity, it essentially acts as an effective marketing tool, which increases your brand awareness and connects more prospects to you.
  • Tracking and reports: With digital gift cards you can track your rewards arrival, including delivery and your employees consuming behaviour.
  • Send gifts to more recipients: With Resal Glee digital cards solution, you can send many rewards at once all at your fingertips.

Why digital gift cards are better than cash:

Studies have indicated that gifts related to shopping and travel were more attractive than cash. And for that digital gift cards come in handy as they facilitate the gifting process. According to 3 out of 4 respondents, they said that the cards could create more exciting and memorable gifts to employees as rewards or customers as loyalty gifts.

The digital gift card is already one of the most innovative ways to consider today and it has already been adopted by most biggest brands. And the field is still promising because business owners are adopting it too as it provides an easy way to gift employees and clients. Without forgetting the customization option which allows them to send gift cards with their identity and brand. Besides, digital gift cards are an easy way to boost your marketing campaigns and reach new prospects while creating a positive vibe around your business.

With Glee, we decided to make things even easier for you. We provide you with an ultimate solution that helps you award your employees, customers, and partners with ease. Glee was successful with more than 100 private and governmental organizations providing access to +300 different gift card choices.

So what are you waiting for? Join our team in Resal Glee and let’s work together towards your success.

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