New Feature: Track And Analyze Your Campaigns Performance With Reports

As we always strive and work hard to improve the gifting experience and make it more flexible, easy, and smart; we decided to launch a new feature in Glee. The Reports feature allows users to make reports that help their gifting campaigns and gather more data about the gift cards and recipients and their preferences. In this article, we will talk about this new feature and how to use it properly to create detailed reports.

Detailed Reports To Analyze Your Gifting Campaigns

Reports Feature is a set of useful reports tools to help you track your gifting campaign’s data and create detailed reports, giving you a clear understanding of each index. Whether it’s analyzing the data from your campaigns page or monitoring the data from within the platform, Reports Feature is a time-saving data management tool that will make it easier for you to manage and optimize your business!
With Reports Feature, boost your gifting strategy and make better decisions. Get instant insights and updates with visual reports in a few clicks, and improve your gifting campaigns with Glee.

Track And Get Reports On Different Insights

1- Orders Reports
This insight will help you to analyze the orders and gifts reports. You will get reports on indexes such as the gift redemption rate, the number of recipients, order date, and many others. You will also be able to analyze reports on certain recipients and their different insights.

2- Gift Recipients Reports
In these reports, you will be able to analyze your recipients individually. You will get insights such as the names, and the types of orders or gifts. As well as the budget assigned for each recipient and the redeemed gifts or the unopened ones that you can restore.

3- Transactions Reports
This report will allow you to track each transaction made for the gifting campaign, who is the recipient and how much budget is assigned for each one. You will also be able to see the exact date of each transaction and its ID number.

In addition, you can download all these reports in one click as an excel file .xlsx and send them easily from any device using the Glee platform. Try this feature now, save your time and get to know your recipients for a better and efficient rewarding campaign.


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