Resal Announces Partnership With Foodics

Resal, a leading prepaid gift card and rewarding solutions provider, was delighted to announce its new partnership with Foodics, the leading Restaurant Management, and PoS solutions provider. 

As a customer loyalty solution, Resal shares the same mission with Foodics of helping local businesses manage their shops and customers better. This partnership came in an effort by Resal to develop the field of customer loyalty and rewards solutions by providing “boonus” to ensure customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention. In addition to expanding its customer base and making an impact in the field of retailers.

Resal and Foodics are devoted to providing the best customer experience through their integrated solutions, as Hatem Kameli CEO and Co-founder of Resal assures. This partnership will allow restaurants and cafes to effectively manage their rewards programs and track their customers and their visits. With this collaboration, Resal and Foodics will provide business owners with easy-to-implement, and effective loyalty program solutions that will increase customers’ loyalty and retention rate.   

It is worth mentioning that Resal joined the loyalty program market in 2021 with the acquisition of “Boonus” for loyalty programs to become one of Resal’s integrated solutions. This acquisition came as part of Resal’s goals to extend its services and deliver the finest prepaid gift cards and rewarding solutions for businesses and individuals.

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