How to activate STC recharge card offered by Resal

In the previous blog, we talked about one of the most famous gift cards offered by Resal, STC recharge card, it enables you to recharge and activate your balance in the prepaid sim cards provided by STC to use it in any provided service. We also explained how to buy it from Resal E-git cards store easily and how to customize it or choose to send it as a gift. We also explored together some of its uses, conditions, and its categories. In this article, we will dig deeper and we will learn how to use the card to charge and activate your STC balance with it.

You can share this article with whoever you sent the gift card to so he/she won’t have any problem activating and using it.

How to activate the STC recharge card bought from Resal:

As soon as you purchase your recharge card from Resal, you will be able to use it to recharge your STC balance and use it in prepaid Sawa services with very simple steps :

  1. Go to Resal Store and choose STC recharge card and choose its balance.
  2. Click on ‘buy’ to buy it or choose to send it.
  3. You will receive it shortly after purchase.
  4. Dial the number *155*.
  5. Enter the card number.
  6. Press # then call.
  7. Congratulations! Your card has been activated.

What are the features of STC recharge card?

  • Easy to use, fast, and reliable.
  • You can send it as a gift from Resal to anyone if you want to and it will reach him/her immediately after purchase in a form of SMS or email.
  • It offers you many features and the best services, the best Sawa packages, and offers for calls and the Internet for prepaid SIMs, without the need to use credit cards or any form of payment service. So it will be fast and secure and, you do not have to share and enter your financial data.
  • STC provides high-quality services that you can enjoy more easily through Sawa recharge cards offered by Resa. STC also has won the SpeedTest award for the fifth time in a row for the fastest mobile internet in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with an average speed of 78.21 with an average speed of 95.22 Mbps for download and 22.02 Mbit/s for upload.
  • STC also won the Speedtest award for the best mobile network coverage in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2020, with a coverage rate of 838. This means that whenever you are STC will be available with you.
  • STC gives each of its customers the right to know the details of service prices and features, and any limitations or exclusions on its use As well as any fees that will apply when exceeding these restrictions. In addition to obtaining a copy of the service subscription contract; signed and authenticated by the service provider and with guaranteed confidentiality of his information and communications. The data are guaranteed and may not be viewed, listened to, or recorded, and the freedom to request cancellation of the service and not to be required to appear in person as there are means of identity verification.
  • When you encounter a problem with STC, you can ask for support. Or you have the right to file a complaint against service providers related to their services, but provided that the date of submitting the complaint does not exceed 60 days from the date of the problem in question or objection, except if the user did not become aware of the invoice or the date on which the problem occurred. then. The problem will be addressed within a period not exceeding five days. Each customer can file his complaint to the authority if he is not satisfied.
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