Real-World Examples of How Large Companies Create a Motivating Work Environment

A Motivating Work Environment? It is what every employee and employer aspire to have in place. But, what do we mean by saying a motivating work environment?  

As usual, we forget to read the principles and guidelines, and rush to spicey ideas and methods. To provide you with satisfactory answers that will assist you – as an HR manager or an entrepreneur – in creating a motivating workplace, let us start from the guidelines first. We ought to give a detailed introduction to each element of the work environment, so we could then be able to create a motivating place.   

We promise you that after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of what a truly motivating work environment is, and you will have a clear methodology for developing one by giving you real-life examples that we have selected for you from the most renowned large companies.

What Is the Work Environment?

The work environment is the sum of the values, principles, and beliefs of a group of people working in one place. It may consist of one single team work, a certain department, or the entire company. The physical factor also plays a vital role in shaping the work environment. Human interactions among co-workers or departments shape a specific pattern which affects the workflow of the company. This in return shapes the employees’ behavior whether in the workplace or at home with family. 

This is what we mean by the work environment in details. However, what matters more for us is to differentiate between a motivating work environment and a toxic one. 

What Is the Positive Work Environment (the Motivating)? 

A positive work environment – or if you wish to call it a motivating work environment – is a workplace characterized by the strong connection between members of each team work and adherence to clear rules in order to spread mutual respect and trust and achieve empathy while completing work tasks.

An in-depth study conducted by Kim Cameron, Professor of Management & Organizations at University of Michigan, in 2011 agrees with this definition. The study involved the nature of a motivating work environment, which came up with the following six components:   

  1. Fraternal interaction between members of the same team – as you can say that they are siblings, not just co-workers – the presence of empathy, and showing sincere care about each other.
  2. Reaching out and providing assistance whenever necessary.
  3. Tolerance and unnecessity to blame and reprimand.
  4. Spreading the culture of motivation among team members. 
  5. Exploring the benefits of the work of each individual in the team, and encouraging him/her to deliver better performance and maximize productivity.
  6. Giving absolute priority to mutual trust, respect, and professional integrity.

What Is the Toxic Work Environment? 

A toxic work environment is a dysfunctional environment across various aspects It is dominated by an atmosphere of deadly dramas, verbal violence, jealousy and envy among members of the same team work. Such aspects hinder the accomplishment of tasks with the end output satisfying quality and within the estimated delivery time. Of course, in such environment, forget about lifting employee’s well-being and morale.

Now after introducing the key components of the work environment and its two types; the positive and the negative, you must first make sure of the nature of your workplace. Then, let us explore together examples of the most famous motivating work environments adopted by large companies. We have selected for you the best examples.

Real-life examples of a motivating work environment by most renowned companies:

Amazon: Moving with A Purpose

Amazon created its work environment with one slogan: Work hard, have fun and make history. Due to the growing pressure placed under its various departments, Amazon decided to provide the best possible shopping experience to its customers, regardless of who they are. From there, Amazon’s slogan was born: Work hard, have fun and make history, which is a call to every employee – regardless of his/her job title – to consistently produce outstanding work. 

Because applying such a slogan while creating a motivating work environment is almost impossible, Amazon decided to divide the various departments into very small work teams. The step aimed to ensure there is a cooperation and consistency between the co-workers, in a way that enables them to move with a purpose at every single step.

However, many studies show that several Amazon employees around the world are working long hours for very low pay, which can have adverse effects on their mental well-being. 

Despite this, everyone sees Amazon standing out from the competition given its strong work environment. Of course, Amazon prefers the type of work environment, which is used by startups in its beginnings, when the employee and his partners offer everything and anything in order to win their first customers.

Bottom line: If you like this type of startup-type work environment that is full of hard work and dedication, other people don’t. This type of environment is undoubtedly very successful, just search for Amazon’s revenue on Google, and you will notice substantial growths year after year.

Google: Do Whatever You Like, Work Whenever You Want

Google is one of the biggest tech companies with the most unparalleled employee perks and the unique, hassle-free work environment for two reasons. First, Google has been receiving the most prestigious accolades from renowned entities in recognition of its most motivating work environment. Second, Google has become the youth’s ultimate dream and ambition, no matter they are still fresh graduates or have considerable experience. Its positive, innovation culture was not built overnight but has taken Google many years of hard work to reach where it is today. Its culture is based on giving the employees all the freedom to do their work to have a flexible schedule and work on their terms to unleash their creativity and a greater level of productivity. Google is giving its employees the freedom from the confines of a monotonous cubicle and formal corporate environment. 

We can unarguably say Google’s work environment is based on a culture of innovation. This tech behemoth motivates employees, giving them the freedom of independent thinking, the freedom to be creative, while asserting that transparency, integrity, and communication are crucial values. 

Bottom line: If you are truly passionate about creativity and are prepared to follow it through. Follow Google’s shining model. At Google, employees have the freedom to try new things to keep the innovation tempo and come up with the most innovative ideas. 

Tesla: Keep Trying New Things, No Matter What!

Tesla’s ultra hardcore work culture — as it sounds to some people, the company optimizes employees to achieve creative and innovative behaviors, which are essential to technological innovation that forms fundamental part of its foundation. Like Google, Tesla’s culture encourages innovation and creativity. At Tesla, employees are not restricted and confined by rules. They are encouraged to do their jobs how they deem fit, as long as it yields positive results. If you are an employee at Tesla, you are prompted to try out something new and out of your comfort zone.

May be this is driven by Tesla’s organizational culture, which unifies employees into a team that shares the same tasks, target, and responsibilities. All what it matters for Tesla is innovation.    

The nice thing is that many employees at Tesla – like the case in Amazon – complain about long working hours and some racism.

Bottom line: This is the third example of work environment that calls for innovation and unifying employees into small teams like the case with startups. Perhaps, this is a clear statement that the small number of work teams, while giving them all the freedom to experiment with their ideas, will lead the company to successfully have a motivating work environment.

Microsoft: Maximizing The Growth Mindset Approach

Microsoft has over the past ten years transformed from a stagnating, siloed mindset into a growth mindset that reinforces the need for a culture of experimentation. The culture of testing, learning and iterating is the growth mindset in action. It is the most optimal way to create a motivating work environment from on one hand, and to grow its computer hardware and software business on the other hand. 

Microsoft’s growth mindset approach requires employees to be customer obsessed. The fixed mindset tells customers they cannot have a better service, while a growth mindset finds ways to meet their needs. That’s why Microsoft provides employees with all the needed training courses. 

Such approach also requires diversity and inclusivity, because diverse teams enjoy more comprehensive, better understanding of different cultures and needs. Microsoft’s values revolve around three main values: empathy, cooperation, and employees’ work-life balance as the high priority. 

Bottom line: Change everything if you found it necessary. As you see, digital giants like Microsoft shifts its culture towards more innovation. Be like Microsoft, flexibility is a key factor in the success of any business. 

See, all these companies share the same key feature: Showing Appreciation?!

Yes, by giving the employees all the freedom to creativity and embracing cooperation among co-workers as well as zero-tolerance to belittlement and violation of corporate values. Appreciation helps employees gain a sense of belonging to the organization thus optimizing their performance. Make it your first step. 

Bottom line: If you are truly passionate about creativity and are prepared to follow it through. Follow Google’s shining model. At Google, employees have the freedom to try new things to keep the innovation tempo and come up with the most innovative ideas. Feel confused now about how to show appreciation to your employees, right? 

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