Top Five loyalty Solutions in Saudi Arabia

What are loyalty programs?

Loyalty programs are specific strategies aimed at building brand image the brand and increasing awareness of it with customers. Also, to help you increase customer loyalty. These programs reward your customers with points and bonuses for their purchases. This type of reward helps gain new customers, strengthen relationships with existing customers, and win potential customers, helping the brand stand out and get the most out of its customers.

Why should you use Loyalty programs?

Loyalty programs help your brand to maintain your existing customers by rewarding them with points for their purchases from your store, which are later redeemed for valuable rewards. These rewards help increase your customers’ satisfaction and trust in your brand and make them loyal. Loyalty programs also help you gain new customers and increase the success rate of your marketing campaigns.

Loyalty programs also help you increase your sales and profits by keeping your customers loyal for longer. This is because the probability of selling to an existing customer is estimated at 70% more than the chance of selling to a new customer, which is estimated at 30%. In addition, 65% of companies’ profits and sales come from their existing customers, according to a study by Fundera.

According to a Harvard Business Review study, companies with solid reward programs earn 2.5 times more profits than their competitor; customers care about brands that offer the best value for money. In addition, loyalty programs help you increase your brand value and provide a better customer experience.

Now let’s talk about the top Five Loyalty Solutions in Saudi Arabia:

As we have explained previously, the importance of loyalty programs in increasing customer loyalty, maintaining them, and acquiring new customers, you may find yourself confused between the various options and programs that offer different advantages. Therefore, we will save you the trouble of searching and provide you with the best five customer loyalty program solutions in the Kingdom and the various strategies and methods you use them.


Boonus is a solution for customer loyalty programs that combine all the previously mentioned features; Boonus offers you the best loyalty solutions for your brand. To retain customers, increase their interaction, and attract new customers. With Boonus resal, you will build a database of customers to identify them and their interests and receive their comments and suggestions. While keeping your business identity at the forefront.

Boonus helps you understand your customers better by analyzing their behaviors and rewarding them with what they like in the right place and time Boonus enables you to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by sending marketing campaigns via SMS messages and notifications; the solution also provides you with multiple advantages that help you design successful loyalty programs, as it provides you with an easy and advanced control panel, in addition to the compatibility of Boonua solutions with multiple POS systems, so you will not find a problem in installing and creating your Loyalty programs quickly.

Boonus also allows you to choose between many types of multiple loyalty programs according to your needs and requirements (loyalty points – tiers and benefits – digital stamps – happy hours).


The first loyalty program solution we will start in the Kingdom is the Bonat Program for Customer Loyalty Solutions. This solution helps you design your unique loyalty programs to help you increase customer retention; it has many features and add-ons that help you understand customer behaviors and divide them into specific categories.

It also helps you build marketing and sales reports and create a profitable relationship between you and your customers by providing an easy-to-use platform and various rewards and points.


Nugttah also offers various loyalty solutions as it helps you build a customized and easy loyalty program. Nugttah loyalty programs allow you to maintain your customers, acquire new ones, and make them loyal to your brand. Nugttah also helps you to increase your sales and profits. It also offers you an easy-to-use platform that helps you monitor and analyze your loyalty programs’ data and track your customers’ behavior. It allows you to modify your programs, points, and rewards easily.

koinz Application 

koinz is also considered one of the best loyalty solutions in Saudi Arabia as it focuses on collecting more customer information and understanding their behavior. As a result, Koinz helps you quickly gather information, increase customer retention, and increase profits for your brand. koinz also makes it easy for you to design reward and marketing campaigns by providing easy solutions to monitor sales and collect feedback and suggestions from your customers that will help you understand their requirements more accurately. koinz is considered one of the best loyalty programs, especially for restaurants, cafes, and small shops.

 COFE Application 

COFE Application for loyalty programs is specifically directed to cafe owners and restaurants. It helps them increase customer retention by providing customized loyalty programs and an easy-to-use platform. COFE also simplifies the ordering process and points collection processes by providing an easy points portfolio to collect and redeem points.COFE rewards also consist of 4 different tiers (Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond) with a unique set of rewards for each cafe and level on the app. These features help your store increase customer interaction and increase your sales.

Lastly, we can say that loyalty programs are one of the most successful strategies in retaining customers and attracting new customers. Therefore, we at Boonus are always keen to provide the best customer loyalty program solutions to help your brand stand out.

So, what are you waiting for now? Visit Boonus and learn about the features that help you increase your customers’ loyalty right away!


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