Jarir Bookstore is a leading retailer in the Middle East for consumer electronics, books and office supplies. It was established in 1974 as a small bookshop in Riyadh, and since then its presence witnessed a boom, participating in over 62 fairs across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Jarir aims to inaugurate more than 80 pavilions in the Kingdom and GCC by 2025. The bookstore also has a digital card, and it is not just card. Jarir Card is one of the most preferred shopping vouchers available on Resal app. The card enables you to shop all your needs from school supplies, toys, educational materials, books, Arabic and English publications, arts and crafts supplies, computer peripherals and programs, mobile phones and peripherals, audio and visual devices, camera and photo accessories, smart TVs, and maintenance of computers and electronic devices. 

How to get Jarir Card?

Resal offers you Jarir Card in various categories that start from SAR 50 to SAR 500. You can buy Jarir’s card or any other vouchers across more than 600 brands. Resal guarantees you a very exceptional shopping experience and a golden opportunity to save money through daily discount promocodes and big sales across multiple digital cards. The application also offers you the chance to benefit from two discounts at the same time. 



Jarir Card: Discounts

Through Resal application and website, you can benefit from offers and promocodes announced across its social media channels. Resal provides its customers renewed discounts to ensure an exceptional shopping experience. Resal customers can buy Jarir Card by redeeming loyalty points via the application. Through Resal app, they can redeem their points earned through the following loyalty programs:

Al Rajhi Bank’s loyalty program (Mokafaa) 

Alinma Bank’s loyalty program (akthr)

STC’s loyalty program (Qitaf)

Mobily’s loyalty program (Neqaty) 

Arab National Bank’s loyalty program (ANB Rewards)

Resal customers can redeem their points earned by one of these loyalty programs for balance that enables them to obtain a discount and buy Jarir Card, which is available across various categories:

Jarir Card – SAR 50 Category

Jarir Card – SAR 100 Category

Jarir Card – SAR 300 Category

Jarir Card – SAR 500 Category


Does Jarir offer discount to students?

There are multiple forms of discounts on Resal app and website, some of them are aforementioned and they directly rely on renewed discounts and offers, others are based on loyalty point redemption. 

There is another form Resal app offers to its users, namely the “promocode” that enables students and other customers to send their promocodes to friends and family. Both can benefit from the promocodes. 


How can we buy, gift Jarir Card from Resal? 

Resal offers you a unique range of collections across more than 600 renowned brands. You can choose the category that suits your needs and gift the card to anyone with one simple click. You can also buy Jarir Card from Resal and gift it to buy any product the bookstore.


To buy Jarir Card from Resal, all you can do is to follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Resal app account. Not registered yet? Sign up now.
  • Write in the search engine “Jarir



  • Set the card balance that suits you.
  • Choose the number of cards you wish to buy.
  • Press “Buy the Card” then “confirm” the order. 
  • If you wish to gift the card, choose “gift” icon then add the recipient’s information. 


How to use Jarir Card via Resal? 

After you “confirm” your purchase process, you will receive an email and an SMS with Jarir Card’s code. You can easily use the code across:

  • Branches: Show the barcode to the cashier at any of Jarir Bookstore’s branches. 
  • Jarir’s website: Sign up then choose the products you want to buy, and add to basket, write the code in the “coupon/discount code” box, and press send. 


By using Jarir Card, you will enjoy unprecedented shopping experience, spend your time on reading books or making art crafts. You can also gift the card to your loved ones to enable him/her to live exceptional experience of reading books, developing their educational skills through the multiple options Jarir offers to its customers. Jarir Card is definitely the ultimate preferred option for students. 

At the end, go download Resal app to enjoy a wonderful shopping experience through various options to buy online and gift your loved ones. 
























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