7 Budget-Friendly Creative Gift Ideas Your Employees Will Appreciate

A while back, companies used to welcome and onboard new hires by offering them some conventional office gifts. This was until employee recognition trends has recently emerged, calling for more creative ideas to show appreciation and instill loyalty. 

Gone are the days when companies tended to offer employees mere giveaways, including memo books and corporate identity booklets. In this article, we will present to you some creative gift ideas. We know it is a little bit challenging to reward your employees with genuine, efficacious motivational gifts. It is important to choose certain types of gifts that will boost morale and show appreciation. 

There is nothing new under the sun, as the old saying goes. It means whatever you may encounter, however new or revolutionary it may seem to you, you can be sure that it is not new. However, glee – a digital platform that helps enterprises efficiently recognize and reward employees – guarantees that you will find brand new, futuristic, out of the box gift ideas. 

There is no doubt that human nature demands recognition. It is an inherent human need to receive some sort of appreciation for good work. Don’t let your busy schedule make you overlook your employees’ stellar performance and efforts. A new study suggests that employee recognition gifts go beyond simple gestures of appreciation. Having happy, loyal employees will have a great impact on your company’s revenues. 

In this article, we will present you seven revolutionizing gift ideas that will boost morale and show appreciation to your employees. 

First: Digital Cards to reward your employees 

Digital cards the most optimal way to reward your employees. You can gift employees a coupon or a card of an online store or a brand to enable them to buy products and services at more affordable prices. All you can do now is to choose the gift and email it to your employee. The best part about digital cards is that they can provide you with a variety of things at once:

  • Give the employees the freedom to choose how they prefer to use their gifts.
  • Instantly boost the employee’ morale and self-esteem. 
  • Can be used at any time.

glee platform is one of the best gifting solutions in the region, and you may be wondering why Glee specifically? We will tell you:

The most interesting thing about digital cards is that the employee can enjoy a large set of choices, unlike the ordinary gifts that take a great deal of thought and effort to gift selection. Book an orientation session with glee team to learn more about how to best gift and motivate your employees. 

It is no exaggeration to say that digital gifts are more effective than other material rewards when motivating employees. 

Second: Share your employees’ special moments 

Employees usually spend their special moments, whether birthdays or other occasions, with their loved ones away from their workplace. What if you leverage these moments and reward your employees a special gift? 

You will be then mastering two accomplishments: You give your employee a nice Surprise and make him/her feel Appreciated. As we mentioned above, making your employees feel appreciated and recognized is the most important thing and the sole solution to productivity and success. 

Still, what kind of gift is suitable for special occasions? 

Again, you can benefit from the digital gift cards, the optimal solution to motivate your employees. Through Resal glee, you can enjoy a wide range of unlimited gift choices:


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Third: Corporate gifts can be a fun travel experience too 

Travelling is often regarded as a basic human right, and movement is inherent to life. Most of your employees often plan to spend their holidays somewhere or take short leave to fresh their minds. As an employer, you offer a surprise holiday – if possible, of course – and you can even help them decide where to travel and enjoy a tremendous holiday experience. 

Still, what kind of gifts are best for a travel occasion?

Going for traditional gift solutions, you won’t find something new. They are all already taken. Remember, you always seek to add some excitement; nothing is more beautiful and heartful than surprising someone. So, this gift idea is for you:

Through Resal glee’s partnership with Almosafer, a leading travel company, you can reward your employee Almosafer Card to facilitate travel preparations:

Fourth: Gift your employees unforgettable shopping experience

As most statistics on shopping suggest, the most common purchases – made whether by men or women – were clothes followed by sports goods. This handful piece of information will help us think right of how to reward our employees. Reward them with an exceptional shopping experience.  

Thanks to Resal glee’s partnerships with the most leading fashion and sports brands in the region, including for instance Namshi. You can reward your employees with a very valuable gift card to simply buy whatever he/she loves. 

Fifth: Electronics are one of the most preferred employee recognition gifts  

Employees nowadays are barely familiar with desktop computers or cordless phones. Everyone now has a smart phone, classy computers from a luxury brand. So, electronics could be one of the most powerful ideas to show your appreciation to tech-savvy employees. Humans by nature hate getting used to certain things, and always look forward to seeing what’s next. Your employee is probably planning to buy one of the latest selections of mobile phones or a new technical gadget for his/her computer.

The world of electronics is full of unusual products that can be an added value to employees. Through Resal glee, you can help upgrade your employees’ technical gadgets by gifting them with a unique set of various digital cards from a number of popular electronics brands. 

Sixth: Breathe new life into employees’ routines 

Boredom at work isn’t an inescapable mental state. Job boredom and monotony can have very harmful effects on the wellbeing of employees as they are significant sources of stress and counterproductivity. Humans are humdrum by nature. This world is turning into digital; it’s all about entertainment. 

Watching comedy movies, favorite TV series with family, listening to music, or even going to the gym are all good solutions to alleviate boredom. But which is which? 

Don’t overthink! You for instance can simply gift your employees one of Netflix or Anghami Cards. 

Here again at Resal glee, you can benefit of its exquisite choices and services by offering your employee a digital card that enables him/her to enjoy a set of various options to break daily routines: 


Subscription Cards

Anghami Music  Netflix subscription Interval Plus  1 Pass for Sports Subscriptions 
STARZPLAY for movies and TV series  CBS All Access  crunchyroll  Weyyak Subscription 

Boredom and the endless monotony of unchanging routine can drive employees to facing reduced productivity and creativity. Surprise your employees with a unique gift that can break daily routine. Visit now Resal glee!

Seventh: Knowledge is power, empower your employees  

Every HR manager is fully aware that training and supporting cognitive development are the most powerful process to boost employee motivation, and even make them feel more empowered. 

But how would best reward your employees with motivating gifts to support their cognitive development? What shall we do? 

It might take a quite long time and much effort, if you adopt the usual ways, such as gifting your employees books or providing them a certain course. Our ultimate goal is to provide employees with cognitive gifts to embrace their rich knowledge and culture. That’s why Resal glee offers a set of the most optimal choices to empower your employees. One of these choices is providing a subscription to one of Resal glee’s partners, Majarra – a leading high-quality Arabic content platforms in the region. The platform helps subscribers aspiring to broaden their experiences and skills through useful and high-quality content in personal and professional development.

Through Resal glee, you can gift your employee one of the cognitive gift cards. Get started now with Resal glee

We only mentioned seven creative ideas to reward your employees, but by using Resal glee, you can enjoy numerous gift choices. 


There are many ways to reward your employees to show appreciation. The seven aforementioned ideas in this article will help you get started. But, if you want some more, Resal glee partners with more than 600 brands, covering almost every sector. 

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