How to redeem Al Rajhi Bank Mokafaa points via Resal app

Reward Point Redemption is one of the most preferred forms of loyalty programs that reward bank customers for their banking activities and transactions. Al Rajhi Bank Mokafaa Points is a perfect example of such reward programs. It is a prime example of point redemption programs, exceptionally designed for Al Rajhi Bank’s esteemed customers. The Bank enjoys a very strong presence across the Kingdom, with a customer base of a staggering 14 million. 

Al Rajhi Bank Mokafaa is a very unique loyalty program for many reasons, most importantly, it is designed with a focus on ease-of-use, offering distinguished reward options. Here is how to enjoy the best reward experience. Al Rajhi Bank customers have to sign up in the reward program, earn and collect points mostly on all kinds of banking transactions, then redeem them through Al Rajhi Bank’s 170 partners across the Kingdom. Al Rajhi Bank customers can easily earn and redeems their points via Resal, an app that gives you an access to more than 600 local and international brands. 

How to calculate your Al Rajhi Bank Mokafaa points via Resal app?

Al Rajhi Bank customers can redeem their points, if they want. They can redeem each 250 points in Mokafaa Program for one riyal via Resal app. For instance, if one of Mokafaa customers has 25000 points and wants to redeem them via Resal app, he/she will receive 100 riyals worth of these points. 

The math is simple: Divide the number of points you’d need to pay by 250

How to redeem Al Rajhi points with Resal:

If you are one of Al Rajhi Bank customers, willing to redeem your Mokafaa Program points via Resal Card Store to turn them into balance added to your wallet and later enjoy Resal Cards’ very distinguished options, you shall follow these steps after logging in/signing up to Resal Store:

  1. Add Resal Card to basket.
  2. Go to the basket. 
  3. Press continue to payment process.
  4. Choose of the payment options with Al Rajhi Mokafaa Program.
  5. Enter your mobile number to check your Al Rajhi reward points balance. 
  6. Enter the amount of point redemption you want. 
  7. Enter the verification code to confirm and proceed with the point redemption process. 
  8. Continue your shopping and choose your desired card. 


Ensuring an integration among institutions and companies is a win-win situation in business. For instance, Al Rajhi Bank’s partnership with Resal that provides Mokafaa Loyalty Program customers the freedom to earn and redeem points via Resal app, which offers an access to more than 600 local and international brands. Resal Application is designed with a focus on ease-of-use while earning and redeeming reward points. 

What are you waiting for? Download Resal and maintain your points, and enjoy unrivalled experience of earning and redeeming points as well as an exceptional shopping journey you won’t regret. 


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