New Feature: Save time and effort with Quick Order

Resal Glee is always here to improve your rewarding experience. With our new feature “Quick Order”, you can easily send gift cards to your employees and customers with just one click.

You can skip the long process of choosing your employees and their gifts again and again. Instead, choose from the previously sent gifts to your employees and customers and the previous occasions and send new gifts with that same template.

Have a specific way you want to send it? Customize the process however you like, whether it be sending it as a warm welcome, saying congratulations on a promotion, or congratulating them on their anniversary or birthdays.

Fewer steps. Less time spent.

Because here in Resal, we care about our customer experience, we provided this feature to simplify the rewarding process and save time and effort. With “Quick Order” you can send new gifts with preferences that have been chosen previously without going through the whole process again to pick the recipients and their rewards.

Just click on “Quick Order” and choose a previous template and customize it quickly if you want. With Resal Glee, we guarantee that you have the best and the most convenient rewarding experience to enjoy gifting as you have never before.

Get started with Quick Order:

1- Create a “New Order”
2- Choose “Quick Order”

3- Choose the order that you want to resend

4- Click on the “Resend Order” button

5- Click “Next” after you complete every step
6- Place the order by clicking on “Place Order Now” or save the order for later


What are you waiting for? Visit Resal Glee to delight your employees and customers now with +400 awesome gift cards.

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