Earn And Burn Your Neqaty Points With Resal And Mobily

Since its beginning, Resal has always worked hard to ensure a unique digital gift card Store experience for its customers. And for that, Resal has finally announced joint cooperation with Mobily and its rewards program “Neqaty Rewards“. Now, Resal and Mobily customers can use their Neqaty points to purchase any digital gift card from Resal Store, in addition to getting points back on every purchase. All this to guarantee an exceptional customer experience for Resal and Mobily customers.

Resal and Mobily Together for the customer

Mobily digital card was one of the first digital cards that were added to the Resal Store, in order to ensure that we always provide the best to our customers. And because Mobily is also working hard to provide the best solutions to its customers in the field of communications and information. The digital card from Resal Store facilitated the process of recharging the Mobily balance. As well as enjoying the different packages easily through a recharge code that you get quickly after purchasing the card from the Resal Store.

Neqaty and Resal, Earn & Burn

Resal and Mobily also announced their joint cooperation in the” Neqaty Rewards” program. This enables you to collect Mobily points on every purchase from the Resal Store and use your “Neqaty” balance to buy any digital card you want from Resal. In addition to getting many valuable options and rewards exclusively from Resal and Mobily.

Collect your points from Resal and Mobily

With Resal and Mobily, you can now collect Neqaty points with every purchase of a digital card from the Resal store. You can also use your points balance to buy any digital card you want from the store.
Get a Mobily point for every 10 SAR you spend in the Resal digital gift card store, collect your points and redeem them for any digital gift cards you want, and Get the exclusive offers and discounts you deserve with Resal and Mobily.

Redeem your points and choose from 300+ digital cards

This collaboration between Resal and Mobily offers you the best value you deserve and allows you to have a smooth and special experience with the two companies. In addition to the several privileges and exclusive offers from all of the partners of Resal and Mobily. Resal store allows you to use your Neqaty balance of Mobily to buy and choose from +300 digital cards from major brands in all categories and services. All this and more, exclusively for all Resal and Mobily customers.

Collect your points now and enjoy the best offers and packages from Resal Store and Mobily


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