4 Customer Loyalty Program Strategies You Should Try in 2022

After the end of 2021 the year that witnessed a lot of competition in the market to fill the gap that COVID-19 made, especially changing consumer behaviour. And with the increase of companies and stores number and the great competition that came after the pandemic. Everyone is willing to attract new customers and impose themselves in the market again. In addition to implementing various marketing strategies to retain their customers and increase their loyalty.
In this article, we will talk about the most important customer loyalty strategies in 2022.

What does customer retention mean?

Customer Retention is the application of some marketing strategies and methods to increase the interaction and loyalty of existing customers – who have purchased before – to buy and deal with the company again. In addition to increasing the profits obtained by each customer and maintaining it for a longer period. And also to increase the Customer Lifetime Value CLV.
You can use these strategies on new and potential customers also to convert them from people interested in your services to permanent customers. Retaining customers also help you strengthen your relationship with them and make them loyal to your brand.

The probability of selling to a new customer is estimated at 20%, while the probability of selling to an existing customer is up to 70%

How can you increase your customer retention and loyalty?

1. Show support for your customers and build your relationship with them:

As we know the customer is a normal person. A person with a mind and feelings affected by his surroundings. Therefore, he must be treated based on that. Always strive to strengthen your relationships with your customers and make sure to increase their satisfaction in dealing with your brand. Make sure to provide the best customer service among your competitors. Of course, without forgetting an outstanding loyalty program. To make them return more.
Also, don’t forget to show support to your customers, and to share the same values and principles with them. Besides, make them feel valuable and worthy when they buy from you. For example, you can pay an amount to charity for every purchase from your customers. This way, your customers will feel the value they provide when doing business with you. Also, this method will increase the strength of your relationship with them because you make them know that you share the same principles.
The image below is an example from resal offering customers the opportunity to support charities. And share the same values


2. Make sure to increase your email marketing:

According to a study, the total number of email users reached 3.9 billion users in 2019, and this number is expected to rise to 4.3 billion by the year 2023. This number is so large that you should consider using email marketing strategies to reach more customers.
Send personalized emails to your customers to remind them to return to your store, especially after the crisis is over. Send them emails to congratulate them on their birthdays. Or remind them how many points they get and when will they expire to have them rush to you to redeem them before it’s too late.
Of course, do not always forget to customize your customers’ messages and mention their names. Don’t make the email looks static and boring. Make them think that it was you who wrote it for them. In a study, it was found that emails assigned to customers ’names had a higher open rate of 26%.
Look at this personalized email and how it was allocated to call the customer by his name and remind him of the number of his points and their validity period.

source: https://reallygoodemails.com/emails/what-would-you-do-for-the-last-slice

3. Building communities of your brand on social media:

Increase your social media presence and create communities around your brand in social media. Create social media communities of loyal customers around your brand. Those communities help your customers to share some of their experiences with your brand, aspirations, and suggestions.
The communities you build around your brand will of course be the best way to connect with your customers. And they will increase their retention and loyalty to your brand.
Invite your customers to subscribe to your communities on the social media platforms they use and keep them close to you and reward them with points for doing so.
The image below is an example of a popular food network and its Facebook community.

4. Make sure to build an outstanding loyalty program:

Do you want the best customer retention strategies? Do you want to increase the loyalty of your existing customers and double your profits? Want to interact with your brand and increase its popularity? Loyalty Program is a solution that guarantees you these features and more. Use a loyalty program for your Brand.
Loyalty programs guarantee you an increase in the loyalty of your customers. Additionally, They help you increase your sales. Because as we said earlier, the probability of selling to an existing customer is greater compared to a new one.

Loyalty programs also help you increase your popularity among customers, especially if it is a coalition program with several brands.
In this field, we can say that Resal boonus provides the best solutions for customer loyalty. Here at boonus, we guarantee unique and varied loyalty programs that help you retain your customers and increase their loyalty. We also provide excellent services to our customers from customer support, maintenance, and employee training.
In addition to that, we provide an in-depth analysis of your program and how to improve it. Here at boonus, we work hard to provide a premium experience to your customers, increase their loyalty, and your profits. Sign up now and take advantage of the various benefits and services we offer.

And in the end, we can say that customer loyalty is one of the most important things that you should take care of. Because increasing customer loyalty necessarily means increasing your profits. Therefore, you should try customer retention strategies to increase the loyalty of your customers and keep them loyal to your brand.

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