How to buy an STC recharge card from Resal

What’s an STC recharge card?

STC recharge card or Sawa recharge card is one of the digital gift cards available in Resal. Resal, which is one of the leading tech platforms for digital gift card and rewards solutions. It includes more than 300 major brands with thousands of different gift card options to offer you the best value.
Sawa recharge card is a prepaid recharge card for STC. A famous and leading company that provides digital solutions and services in multiple fields, including communications, information technology, digital payments, digital media, and other advanced digital fields. It always aims to progress, seeks development and innovation, and thinks about the future to make it brighter. It also maintains its position in the front as a company with a plan and a vision. And that’s why it leads the digital transformation and communication field locally and regionally.
The digital Sawa card allows you to recharge your STC balance easily. You can also buy it from Resal and send it to anyone you want as a nice and simple gesture. This Sawa recharge code can be used later to subscribe to any of the Sawa premium packages, calls, or any STC prepaid services.

How to buy an STC recharge card from Resal?

With Resal, you can buy a Sawa recharge card easily in less than a minute! And it will be delivered to you or whomever you sent it to right away by email or SMS. And you can also customize the sending method and choose the time and the recipient you want with one click.
To enjoy the digital Sawa card all you have to do is:

  1. Log in or create an account on Resal.
  2. Go to Resal E-gift Store.
  3. Choose “Sawa Card”.
  4. Choose its balance how you want.
  5. Choose the number of cards you want to buy.
  6. Confirm and Proceed to payment, and you will receive the card immediately.

Where can you use the Sawa recharge card?

The digital Sawa recharge card is used in prepaid STC chips, as a code charged directly as credit.

Terms and conditions of Sawa Card use:

  • Card type: rechargeable credit.
  • The code includes and can be used with all STC products and packages.
  • Resal guarantees one month of validity to this card from the date of purchase.
  • This card is available for use in the store of the selected country only and cannot be used in other stores.
  • This card is not refundable after purchase or after its expiry.
  • Resal is not responsible if the Sawa recharge code is lost, stolen, or used without permission.
  • The code is activated immediately after purchase.

What are the Sawa balances available in Resal?

Resal always cares about its customers, that’s why it offers various selected E-gift cards options and categories to make sure it provides the best values for anyone. It takes into account the value and its suitable use in each brand or store and the prices of its products on the one hand, so it doesn’t hurt the customers’ budget and keep them happy and satisfied.
Therefore, Resal provided an STC recharge card in three different balances,

  • A Sawa Recharge balance of 28.75 SAR.
  • A Sawa Recharge balance of 57.5 SAR.
  • A Sawa Recharge balance of 115 SAR.

When to buy a Sawa recharge card:

You can buy a digital Sawa recharge card on many occasions. You also can buy it for yourself or send it to anyone you want and you can customize how you send it. It’s suitable if you have a problem with your payment method through your bank account or you simply don’t want to issue a credit card. It’s also good if you don’t want to share your financial data for any personal reason. You can use STC recharge card bought from Resal Store to recharge your balance easily with just a few steps, and with no paperwork or commitments.
You can buy a digital Sawa recharge card or send it to anyone else, it’s a useful, practical, and nice gesture that you can bet on the happiness and gratitude of anyone you send it to.


Recharge your STC balance with the STC recharge card offered by Resal Store and enjoy the many features of STC services. Don’t forget to Visit Resal Store also to browse through the E-gift cards options and choose the gift card you both want and need.

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