How Did Glee Help IDC Save Up To 40% Of The Gifting Budget?

Statistics indicate that the Global DataSphere will grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025. This accelerated growth is driven by the data that provides a better understanding of the market and the discovery of new opportunities. The more efficient the use of data, the more efficient the benefits, and smarter business. This is provided by International Data Corporation (IDC) for its clients In the global market. Which doesn’t seeks only to provide its clients in the global market with valuable data in its field but also to show appreciation and gratitude to them through the special and exclusive customer rewards programs.

In this case study, we’ll discuss how glee helped several challenges that made the rewarding process difficult. Those challenges include:

Limited Rewards options

The company faced the problem of a lack of flexible rewards solutions for customers attending IDC’s conferences and its gifting campaigns contained very limited options.

Inefficiency in collecting data and results:

The inability to collect large survey results because there is no incentive program for researchers and participants to complete or answer the surveys.

Poor management of budget, time, and effort:

The company was unable to determine the rewards’ preferences of hundreds of customers, which makes many customers receive unwanted gifts. In addition, the gifting campaigns launched by the company also required more time and effort to choose and send gifts, which makes the gifting process more difficult.

How did glee help IDC with its rewarding challenges?

Automation of the rewarding process:

Before glee, the rewarding processes to IDC customers were manual, inefficient, and wasted a lot of time and effort, glee platform allowed IDC to automate the gifting process, providing the ability to gift by uploading an Excel file containing all names and gifts that reach customers in real-time through multiple channels such as Email or SMS. Which saved time and effort wasted in the rewarding process

Unlimited gift options from +300 brands!

After the company was suffering from limited gifting options that may not match their customers’ tastes, glee provided unlimited gifting options with more than 300 famous brands in all categories. In addition to the access to 15 million products, to fit all their customers’ needs and their preferences.

Saving up to 40% from the budget!

Thanks to the easy redemption feature, the glee helped IDC to increase the redemption rate and to recover the balance of unredeemed rewards. In addition to the possibility of using it in other gifting campaigns, and this enabled the company to provide and save between 30% to 40% of its gifting budget.

More than 500 gifts in less than two minutes!

While companies can waste weeks selecting, arranging, packaging, and shipping gifts, glee helped IDC to design and implement gifting campaigns that took less than two minutes to complete. With resal glee, the company was able to provide gifts to more than 500 customers, between conferences attendees, and surveys participants during 2021.


resal glee:

An innovative rewarding solution that helps corporates reward their employees and customers.

With the tremendous technological development, glee has revolutionized the world of digital gifting in the business sector, companies, and entities, whatever your activity, field, or company size. glee will help you design loyalty programs for customers, rewards, and incentives programs for employees, by providing unlimited options of digital gift cards. This will help you grow your business and build a reliable and unique brand.

Using integrated gifting solutions, glee allows its customers to gift, personalize, and send digital gift cards to their recipients by email or SMS directly. In addition to that, glee also offers unlimited option gift cards from +300 major and famous brands in KSA, Gulf countries, and the Middle East, giving users a unique gifting experience that saves money, time, and effort. With glee, give your gifts anywhere and any time.

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