How to save up to 30% of the employee gifts budget

Sending rewards to your employees can help you show your support and gratitude for their hard work throughout the year. Employee gifts are also one the best ways to boost employee morale and loyalty. However, this step can be a burden on the company if your money and effort are not spent smartly and wisely.
In this article, we’ll discover how you can make employee rewarding a lot easier with glee by developing a strong budget-saving strategy of up to 30%.
At glee, we offer an unlimited package of great digital gifting solutions that help you build rewards and incentive programs for your employees.

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How to save from the budget for employee gifts in general?

Reward and incentives can help to make employees more committed and hardworking. However, those rewards should not be costly for your business, that’s why you should know how to manage your budget wisely. the following tips will help you save more money and provide more value.

Put a budget plan and stick with it:

Before you start buying gifts It is necessary to develop a spending plan and to stick with it no matter what happens. By determining your expenses in advance, you can always continue to gift employees, provide value, and make them happy without breaking your budget. In addition, making a plan and determining your budget before can help you get the necessary information and statistics relating to the gifting process.
Determine your company’s needs before purchasing to ensure that your program delivers exactly what you need. You should also set the annual gifting occasions and the employees involved.
Determine how much you intend to spend on employees rewards. SHRM recommends spending At least 1% of payroll on rewards and incentives, as the employee gifts budget should always stay within your means.

Talk to Your Employees:

Before launching your Employee Rewards Program It is important to talk to your employees and discover their preferences, and learn about each employee’s interests and personality before choosing personalized gifts.
Doing that will help you save your budget instead of wasting money on unwanted gifts. It will also help your employees feel more appreciation and value from you. And that will make them motivated more to work hard and will create a great working environment. In addition to fostering strong relationships between the management and the employees and reduce turnover rate

Use Digital Gift Cards as employee gifts:

Digital gift cards are a budget-friendly solution. Unlike money bonuses or other physical gifts, you don’t need a big budget for your rewards and incentives program to make your employees satisfied.
One of the great ways to gift your employees is to send digital gift cards. Not only because employees will have the flexibility to buy exactly what they want, but also because they add value, unlike money which goes to daily bills. In addition to that, many business owners consider them budget-friendly because digital gift cards can be set with specific balances, without hurting your budget.

How glee Can Help You Save Up To 30% Of Your Employee Gifts Budget

With glee, you can easily set up your rewards program, the recipients, and their gifts, all with what fits your gifting budget. Furthermore, it provides access to unlimited choices for the employees so you will always know what to gift on any specific occasion, and without hurting your pockets.
In addition, thanks to its easy redemption feature, glee will allow you to redeem the balance of unused digital gift cards and use it in other rewarding campaigns to save your money.
All of these previous features and more have enabled IDC, for example, to save up to 40% of its gifting budget using glee for their employees’ rewards!
You can read more about it in this article: How did glee help IDC save 40% of the gifting budget?!

Offering incentives and rewards are important to increase employees’ motivation, but it is also important that you stay within your budget. That’s why with glee strategies and features you can build your reward programs easily while staying within your budget limits. With glee, you can delight your employees, raise their productivity and loyalty, and offers budget-friendly rewards and incentives that will draw smiles on their faces.

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